Welcome to Drone Services

Our company: we focus on surveillance equipment and gadgetry and automation tools for the Internet. Drone is a term for automation (as well as the mechanical flying drones)

Website (here) www.Dsus.co

President: Richard Tang

Email: Info@dsus.co

Twitter: @servicesdrone

Otcmarkets symbol DSUS

Office: 525 Boundary Bay , what com county Pt. Roberts, WA 98281

Transfer agent: Old Monmouth TA

State of Incorporation: Nevada and Wyoming



Company history section

  1. Drone Services was a company that used to sell experimental flying drones that did not hit mass production. It had intellectual property by a team and is transferred back to the company. The company direction is no longer selling the physical machines and prototypes. Rather it is focused on automation tools which is still fitting of the name drone.


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525 Boundary Bay Rd

Point Roberts WA 98281